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We are a global team of volunteers, staff and trustees who are dedicated to raising the profile and progression of children’s palliative care in China.

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What’s it like to work for Butterfly?

They accepted me into their lives and home unconditionally and for that I’ll always be grateful.

AmyWhen I think of the Butterfly children, my heart swells, they have left an everlasting imprint in my heart and life. They accepted me into their lives and home unconditionally and for that I’ll always be grateful. Though the children will know more suffering than we will ever be able to comprehend the love, happiness and laughter that fills the home each day provides them with the secure and loving environment they so deserve. Though some days can be challenging the incredible children in our care inspire us through. To be entrusted with holding their hand and carrying them when the road gets rough, is the most precious gift a child can give and I will always treasure that. Amy, Volunteer Nurse.

No two days are ever the same!



“My volunteer role in Butterfly Children’s Hospice (BCH) is head nurse and I have had the privilege to be involved with this organisation since May 2012.  No two days are ever the same in a Butterfly Home and due to the precious, unpredictable nature of this work, you always need to be prepared to expect the unexpected.  Some babies are only with us for a short time, days, hours or even minutes, and the only consolation is that these babies all mattered, they were all loved, given their own identity and will be remembered forever by those who cared for them.  Looking back on my journey working with BCH so far and thinking of all the children we have cared for is heartwarming.  Some children just needed that little bit of hope, a reason to survive, good quality medical care and are now beginning new journeys with their forever families.  For the children who have passed away, the knowledge they have died peacefully in a loving environment in nannies’ and nurses’ arms who adored them, instead of alone and in pain, makes the ‘harder’ moments and sleepless nights worth it.  As BCH expands, I look forward to continuing this role and be able to contribute to helping more, vulnerable children.” – Katie – during her time as Head Nurse.

I have learned so much from the beautiful children….

Dr Caroline

Dr Caroline Sprinz

“Volunteering at BCH has given me a new perspective on my work as a paediatrician. Returning to the NHS after working in the homes, I have realised how incredibly lucky I am to live and work in such a resource rich environment. I have learned so much from the beautiful children, from their bravery and their love for each other and the staff. Working with them has changed the way I practice medicine – I have realised that when a child is very sick, kind words and gentle touch are as important as procedures and medication. I am eternally grateful that I have had the opportunity to work at BCH, and cannot wait to do so again in the future.” – Caroline, Volunteer Medical Advisor and former Trustee.

Nothing Compares.


Volunteer nurse, Sarah

“The Butterfly Home is just that – a home. We have warm colourful walls and soft couches and cushions. Laughter is heard in the corridor from both either staff or children. Love is felt persistently in every room and is in every heart of our staff and children. Some of our beloved children thrive in our care and are no longer deemed palliative.  For all of our children, every single one of them, when they come into our care they become our children. They become part of a family, a part which is beautiful and can never be replaced. Our children are loved beyond comprehension and are given warm loving cuddles from their ayis and nurses, cosy beds, the right medication and most importantly love, hope and peace. I am blessed to be involved in such an amazing, wonderful and loving organisation that is spreading comfort and love beyond the walls of the beautiful Butterfly Homes. This is the most important experience to date in my life. I, as well as all the ayis and nurses, love our children like they are our own. Nothing compares.” – Sarah, Volunteer Nurse.

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