28 OctGive the gift of an ayi’s love this Christmas

We are grateful to have such wonderful supporters all year round, but especially at Christmas time. Every Christmas our children get spoilt with new clothes, toys and gifts from all over the world. However, this year our Christmas wish is very different.

This year, we want to give Noah, Austin and the rest of the Butterflies the greatest gift of all. The love of their wonderful ayis into the New Year and beyond.

We have a very generous supporter of Butterfly, who is willing to match $5,000 worth of donations for ayis salaries, IF we can reach this target before November 1st.

$10,000 would cover the cost of all 22 of our care ayis for one month! (with a little extra to go towards essential medical supplies).

We couldn’t wish for a better Christmas present for our Butterflies.

Click here to donate and help us reach this generous matching grant, or why not give the gift of ‘an ayi’s love and care’ to one of your loved ones this Christmas.

Contact us at info@butterflyhospice.org to receive a gift certificate for your donation.

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