24 AugGlimmers of celebration

We continue to look for reasons to celebrate during these times of lockdown. Although we are living through very different times at the moment, we still find so much joy in our children and are filled with hope for their futures.

Zach’s birthday

This month we celebrated Zach’s seventh birthday! We cannot believe he has been in our home over five years. He has brought so much joy and laughter into our home and we cannot believe how much he has grown.
Zach is a sweet and caring boy who prefers to be inside (which is a good thing at the moment!). Cuddles and listening to stories make a perfect day for him, and this is exactly how his special day was spent. He does not like loud music or big parties, so we had low-key celebrations for him with plenty of cake, which he loved!

Jill’s graduation

This month also saw a very special little girl graduate from our care. Our sweet Jill has been transferred back to the orphanage. She no longer needs the specialised care of the Butterfly Home and was getting bored around the home, looking for children her own age and abilities to play with!

Though we will miss her sweet giggles and dress up salon days, we are happy for Jill to be taking this next step! Butterfly will always be one call away if ever Jill’s new carers need our advice. But we are confident that Jill and all her personality will flourish with children her own age.


One main goal in the Butterfly Home is to make sure the children always know they are loved unconditionally. However, we know there is always a possibility that they may need to move into a different facility at some stage, because we may need to admit a sicker child or the Butterfly Home may not be the ‘right’ place for them anymore. This is why we continuously ask and thank you for advocating for our Butterflies! Until they are safe in their families arms, we must share and advocate for them. Currently we are advocating for four of our precious Butterflies who have their adoption files ready; John, Tom, Ronan and Hailey. Please help us, help them by sharing their stories!

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