2 AprGood news and new beginnings in a time of uncertainty

Message from the Founder – Covid-19 Update as at April 2nd 2020

Dear Friends,

I last wrote to you in February when all of our staff and children were in a tightening situation of isolation and lockdown and the Covid-19 disease continuing on an upward trend of spread throughout China and beyond.

It was with mixed emotions I read the nurses’ blog reports recounting their experiences as they were locked down in the Home caring for the children and supporting the nannies. All our senior management team in Changsha – lead by Emily, Molin and Naomi, were isolated in their own homes and not allowed into the Butterfly Home, I can only admire the way they rose to the challenges of managing the care of the children and staff from afar as well as coping with their own families and personal challenges.

I had a conference call with everybody a week ago and had the joy of talking to the staff and seeing their faces – the nannies and nurses looked tired and were getting a bit depressed as some of them had been in the home for a number of weeks, with no end in sight at that point.

Happily, the children looked fine – happy and ‘normal’.


The policy of complete controlled isolation and lockdown seems to have worked as none of our children, staff or staff families have been ill from the virus. A cause for celebration I think!

Another milestone is set for on or around 7th April when it is planned that the lockdown will end. More news on that in the coming weeks and no doubt more celebration.

Significantly for me that event coincides with the 10th anniversary of the great day (April 8th 2010) when we opened the Butterfly Home and received the first 3 little girls into our care.

I have been very encouraged that even through this most difficult of times the team in China have continued to work on our future plans for caring for life limited children and their families in partnership with hospitals and in the community.

It seems that even in this time of universal suffering, containment and major change, our work to establish palliative care services for children cannot be stopped, the time has been merely a pause in the progress and used to strengthen our foundations ensuring continuity and sustainability.

May you all find cause for hope for the future, stay safe and be blessed in the small things.

Lyn Gould


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