2 MayHeroic Hailey

Hailey still waits for her family to find her. Her personality is really starting to emerge now. She does not like early mornings – who does?!

And she is not impressed with her current physical therapy schedule. Her ayis are really working her hard, but rewarding her with plenty of cuddles!

Although there are still uncertainties with her development and condition, we believe she would thrive with a forever family. She is making great progress with her Butterfly family, but we would really love to see her grow with her own family.

Her file is with Agape adoptions and her advocacy name is “Valerie”.
This has been copied from their advocacy post: “She has been diagnosed with cerebral injury syndrome and premature birth. She is described as smiley, sociable, and cuddly. Her file states that she can hold small toys and she smiles when someone plays with her. We have been told she is happiest when she is outdoors and loves being in the center of activities. She enjoys being dressed up in cute clothing and is very close with her caretakers. Those close to Valerie say that her favorite activity is to play in a sensory room where she can interact with various lights and colors. Valerie expresses her needs through expressions. If you would like to learn more about Valerie, contact Agape Adoptions today at 253-987-5804 or agape@agapeadoptions.org, we would be happy to share her file with families who complete a free pre-application screening.”

Please share this with anyone you know who might be considering adoption.

We know this little hero would thrive with her forever family. We believe they are out there, they just haven’t seen her yet.


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  1. Joel Waskiewicz on: May 2, 2020 at 3:48 pm

    She is such a beautiful little girl. An absolute darling. I wish we could see some video on this sweetie!

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