13 JulHope for Hailey

Hailey has been with us since she was 8 months old. She is now two and a half years old. The change in her since those early days is incredible.

She is the little princess in our home and adored by her ayis.

In the last few months, Hailey has had a growth spurt and her increased appetite means she is gaining weight. She also has four new teeth.

Hailey is a quiet, placid girl who only cries when something is wrong. She is not forming words yet, but babbles and makes noises.

She has regular physiotherapy sessions and we have seen great improvement with her muscle strength. She is not crawling or walking yet, but she is working hard on her daily exercises. Although she is making progress, she still has a long way to go and she will need a very special family to encourage her along this journey of hers.

Her favourite activity is being in the sensory room. She comes alive in there, enjoying the colourful lights and reaching out her little hands to touch them when they change colours. Her senses are heightened in here, with her eyes fixing and following on all the bright objects.

Her adoption file is prepared and she is waiting for her forever family to find her. Although there are some uncertainties with her development and condition, we believe she would thrive with a forever family. Hailey recently had a medical check up, including a cardiac ultrasound which showed no abnormalities. Her crib is called “Trust”, which seems very appropriate as her forever family will need to ‘trust’ in some unknowns in order to bring her home.

Contact lisa@smallworldadoption.com for more information or to review her file. We hope and pray this little girl will have a bright future ahead of her, in the arms of a loving family.


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