11 JanInternational Thank You Day

Today is #InternationalThankYouDay and we would like to thank a number of very special people!

Thank you to you, our supporters for your continuous support. Without your help we could not do what we do!

Thank you to our wonderful team of ayis, nurses, staff and volunteers in the Butterfly Home. We are blessed to have an incredible caring team of people who deliver the highest care and support on a daily basis.

Thank you to our international team and volunteers who work with the team in China and provide lots of the ‘behind the scenes’ support including keeping our social media channels up to date.

Thank you to everyone who has sent medical supplies, toys, clothes, Christmas gifts and other essentials from our wishlists and filled our travelling suitcases.

Thank you to our incredible families who have opened their hearts and brought home their Butterflies.  We hope this year will see more Butterflies home with their forever families.

Thank you to the businesses and organisations who support us, both in China and internationally. Your support is vital to enable us to expand the work that we are doing.

Thank you to our amazing Board of Trustees who play an instrumental role in the operational running of BCH.

Thank you to all the schools, clubs, social groups and church groups who arrange fundraisers to support us.

Thank you to our regular crib sponsors who allow us to provide 24 hour care to our precious Butterflies.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each and every one of you. These are just a snapshot of the wonderful people who support us. It takes a huge team to work together, to complete our ‘jigsaw’ and we are extremely grateful for each person who plays a part. Click here to find out ways in which you can get involved and support us.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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US Donations
Click HERE to view other ways you can donate.

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