8 JunJayden’s Joy

Jayden has been in the Butterfly Home since he was a tiny baby. When he arrived, he was very sick, in need of heart surgery, and we knew there was an urgency about it! We worked hard to get him fit for surgery; fattened him up, cuddled him, loved him, taught him how to play and attended many hospital appointments that were leading nowhere. But we had HOPE and we weren’t going to give up on this little boy. (You can read more about those times here http://butterflyhospice.org/?s=Jayden).


We contacted the wonderful team at Baobei Foundation who are connected with incredible surgeons in Shanghai, who assessed him and later, operated on his complicated heart.


Over the months we have celebrated many firsts with him; his first surgery, his first steps, his first birthday and now we are celebrating that Jayden has his OWN forever family, racing through paperwork to bring him home as soon as possible.




This is all we ever HOPED for Jayden. His Ayi’s would always ask, does he have a family coming yet? When will he get to go home? Well the answer is …. soon! His family are moving mountains to get him home quickly and we cannot wait for the day when he is in their arms.


Today is a great day! We are thankful for our wonderful staff in the Butterfly Home who open their hearts to these children time and time again, for Baobei Foundation for all that they do, for Superkids & Gladney for their tireless efforts to find Jayden his family, for those who advocated for Jayden and shared his story, for those who support Butterfly Children’s Hospices to care for children with complex conditions like Jayden and for his foster family who are providing a loving environment for him & encouraging him to reach his full potential while waiting for his forever family. We always said caring for our children is a team effort and this is no exception. Thank YOU.



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  1. Maggi/móshù on: June 8, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    What a wonderfull story for Jayden! Thank you, all the people from butterfly hospice

  2. Helpwithmath on: June 9, 2018 at 12:36 am

    Its hard to find good help I am forever proclaiming that its difficult to find quality help, but here is

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