8 JulJesse’s Journey

Jesse is nearly 9 and a half years old, having arrived to the Butterfly Home as a baby. He was admitted with bilateral eye tumours, for end of life care. Luckily, these were not malignant and we were able to get treatment for him, although the doctors could not save his sight. You can read more about Jesse’s early years here.

Although Jesse cannot see, he still loves to be outdoors, listening to the different sounds, feeling the sun on his face and using touch to explore the nature around him.

Jesse spent a number of years living in Mifan Mama foster home in Shanghai, before being transferred back to the Butterfly Home when his condition deteriorated.

Jesse’s health continues to fluctuate, having good days and those that are not so good when he spends long periods asleep. He has gained weight recently which fills his ayis with joy, as sometimes he doesn’t finish his meals.

Jesse is a very quiet little boy, making few noises, but his ayis understand him and know what he wants and needs.

His crib name is “Faithfulness” and this coincidentally reflects his loyal personality. Unlike the other children, he has his favourite few ayis and prefers to be close to them, rather than visitors or volunteers in the home.

We do not know what the future holds for Jesse or how long he will have with us, but we will ensure he is comfortable and each day is filled with love and laughter.


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