2 MarJoyful John

We get so many requests from families enquiring about adopting the girls in our Home. Whilst we are delighted that people want to bring them home, our hearts break for children like John who continually wait and get overlooked for younger children. We can see John’s potential as we are by his side day after day and are watching him grow and learn new skills all the time. But we spend our nights worrying about what will happen to John if he does not find his forever family.

John is a typical boy! He enjoys being outside running around and playing in the playground. He loves to get out of the home and go on adventures. His favourite place to go is KFC where he loves the fried chicken. These photos capture some of the joy recently when he went out for lunch in KFC with his ayi.

We are privileged to watch John grow and get front row seats to the miracle that is his life. Hopefully his forever family will see him through one of our posts. We cannot imagine how much more he would thrive and develop in the arms of a forever mama and baba.

Please share this blog post with anyone who you know that might be considering international adoption. Contact Esther at esther@internationaladoptionnet.org for more information or to review his file.

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  1. Sharon Glazebrook on: March 2, 2019 at 10:15 pm

    I think of John a lot & really hope he finds his forever family soon. I lived in China for some months & visited a government orphanage quite a few times..

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