5 AugJoyful Jonah.

Jonah is 3 and a half years old, having arrived to the Butterfly Home when he was only a few weeks old. In a short space of time we saw him gain weight quickly and begin to thrive. Since his arrival he has been on many trips to Shanghai for surgery and follow up care.

Health wise he continues to make great progress, gaining weight and has regular check ups in Shanghai. We are grateful to Baobei Foundation who arrange and fund Jonah’s medical treatment when he is in Shanghai. He loves going on the train with his Ayi and enjoys watching everything happening around him.

Jonah continues to make good developmental progress. When he is on the floor, he quickly rolls around and his ayis need eyes in the back of their head to keep track of him. His neck and core muscles are strengthening with tummy time, but he gets frustrated sometimes as he cannot crawl yet. He gets himself into a crawling position but hasn’t quite mastered the moving action yet. His ayis continue to cheer him on and practise his daily exercises with him. With this loving encouragement, we know it won’t be long before he achieves his goal of crawling. He spends most of the day smiling and his laughter is infectious!

Jonah’s favorite activity is going outside, especially when the sun is shining. He claps and giggles as his ayis push him around the playground. Jonah is a real joy to have around our home and we celebrate every milestone he meets.

His latest skill is blowing kisses, but only his favourite ayis are lucky enough to receive one!

Our wish for Jonah…

His adoption file has not been made yet, but if there is a family out there who may be interested in bringing Jonah home, please contact us at info@butterflyhospice.com for more information


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  1. Patricia Coombe on: August 5, 2019 at 1:44 pm

    Jonah would steal my heart as well. I admire all the Wonderful Staff who care for these beautiful children. I sincerely wish I was in a position to help Financially. Unfortunately I am a disabled pensioner. But so enjoy reading all the postings reference all the children, have often had tears in my eyes when reading Various reports and offer them my Prayers.🙏🏼🙏🏼

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