6 JulJuly brings (some) joy!

In the Butterfly Home, we always focus on the ‘little things’ and find joy in the smallest places. Unfortunately the home still remains in lockdown, with no visitors and limited staff, but there are still plenty of reasons to find joy and celebrate.

The Butterflies (and staff!) dressed up in their red, white and blue to celebrate the 4th of July! We remembered our sweet ‘American’ Butterflies who were celebrating the 4th of July with their forever families and are thankful for our American volunteers (past and present) who play a vital role in our organisation.

Reuben also celebrated his birthday this week. He had a wonderful day, filled with some of his favourite activities including music, birthday cake and time spent in the sunshine! His ayis wish was that they can bring him out to his favourite park soon and get him an ice-cream.

In other joyful news; China are in the process of implementing a new adoption law in January 2021, extending the age to 18 before ageing out (instead of the current rules of 14 years old). We are very hopeful this will mean another chance for Snowy! She really deserves the chance of a family, and we hope this news will be life-changing for her.

Thankfully, YY has made an incredible recovery in hospital. He has been discharged from hospital and will return to the Butterfly Home later this week. We cannot wait to welcome him back, and see his gorgeous smile again!

(Photo from his birthday party earlier this year).

We hope, wherever you are and whatever you are up to, that you too ‘find joy’ in the little things.

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