3 AugKind Karis

Karis has been in our home for over two and a half years now and she is well settled into her surroundings. It has been just over a year since she received her ‘pink wheels’, which have really changed her life. Going outside is much easier now and she can join in the exciting adventures on the new Butterfly bus.

When Karis first arrived, she was very quiet and shy. Now she thrives in social situations and loves meeting new people. She loves to be at the centre of attention, enjoys when people take the time to get to know her and lights up during music sessions. She also loves her education sessions with Luna, our early education teacher where she is curious to learn new things and engages with the stories Luna tells.

Karis celebrated her 10th birthday this Spring and she had a fun-filled day of celebrations. Although her conditions impacts on her abilities and she does not communicate verbally yet, clever Karis uses non-verbal techniques to let her ayis know how best to meet her needs.

One thing she does not enjoy is having her teeth brushed and she will close her mouth tightly at the sight of her toothbrush. Every month when she has her developmental check her ayis love to see she has gained more weight and has grown a little taller. She continues to be fed with a nasogastric tube, although we hope soon she can progress onto solid foods.

Hope for her future…

Karis’s crib is called ‘Delight’ which sums up her personality perfectly. She is an absolute delight to have around the home and we hope she has a bright future ahead of her. We know she would thrive in an environment where she could have the right ‘tools’ to open her world further, including eye gaze communication technology. Karis recently had a specialist medical review, in preparation to start her adoption paperwork. She did really well with her medical examinations and rewarded the kind doctors with plenty of smiles and giggles. If there is a family out there who thinks Karis may be their daughter, please contact us for more information.


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