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Although we are still living life in ‘lockdown’ with reduced activities in the home, we have some recent updates to share about some of the children:

Incredible Ivy

Ivy has graduated from our care. When she first arrived she was quite sick and required significant symptom control. Thankfully, we were able to manage her distressing symptoms and improve her nutritional status over the last few months. She no longer needs the specialised input of the staff in the Butterfly Home and has ‘gradauted’ to another facility within the social welfare institute. We will continue to work closely with her carers if she needs any further input, but we are confident in their abilities to care for her.

News about Noah

Noah recently went to the local hospital for a CT scan, as he was showing some unusual symptoms. Thankfully his scan was clear and he is no longer displaying these symptoms. The recent celebrations in our home for the 10 year anniversary and birthdays have meant plenty of music and fun in our home. Noah has been in his element with all of the singing and dancing! We will continue to monitor him closely, but are thankful he seems to be back to his usual, cheery self!

International Children’s Day

On June 1st we celebrated ‘International Children’s Day’. Previously this would have been an excuse for extravagant celebrations both in the home and with the social welfare centre, alongside engagement with the wider community. However, due to restrictions this year, we needed to keep the celebrations within our home. The ayis celebrated the children with a day of activities, signing, dancing and delicious food! Again, we were reminded of how resilient and loving our ayis are, celebrating this wonderful day separated from their ‘own’ families, but together with our Butterfly family.

Thoughts for YY

Sadly, YY was transferred to hospital recently, and he is in a critical condition. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

(This is an old photo, but one of our favourites as it really shows off his big smile!).

We hope that over the next few weeks we will begin to see restrictions lifted, with the resumption of outdoor adventures. Until then, we will stay together and stay safe at home. We hope you are doing the same, wherever you are.


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One comment

  1. Joy Black on: June 4, 2020 at 7:13 am

    Thanks you for the lastest news re Noah and YY
    My prayers will be to ask God to please watch over YY and bring him back to health.
    As I pray I know it’s God wishes to watch over his children and I hope YY receives God’s blessings.
    I often pray for Noah and thank you for his latest news.

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