19 SepLive music at Butterfly Home!

We have noticed that music seems to reach our kids in an incredibly special way. Mark, who is so desperately ill, still responds to his favourite music. He likes it so much that he has his own CD player right beside his bed. One of our earliest children, Brittany, found it hard to engage with toys or to make eye contact. But if you approached her with a musical toy, those barriers opened right up. Music was her bridge, her way of making connection.

For the children who can gather in the playroom, “music time” is always a fun highlight, and they respond with enthusiasm. We might add that the definition of “music” sometimes gets a little stretched. When you have such a variety of ages and abilities all trying to contribute … well, let’s just call it a joyful noise.

Recently our music sessions have reached a whole new level of sophistication. Yes – we are pretty classy at Butterfly Home these days. We now have live music!!!  It’s all thanks to some Australian friends, who donated an electronic keyboard for the children’s enjoyment, and Vicki, a volunteer from Belgium with musical talent. Vicki has studied piano for most of her life. She started learning when she was just five, and graduated with honours from her local music academy at eighteen. So as you can imagine – she makes beautiful music. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this standard of performance.

And now, we are the blessed recipients of her talents. Vicki has agreed to come once a week to introduce our children to the joys of live music. As you can see from the pictures, our first session was a big hit. The kids enjoyed their own private concert.

The smile on Annie’s face speaks for all the kids – they loved it!

Some were not content just to listen, but wanted to have a go themselves .Love the expression on Gemma’s face in the background. She’s enjoying all this craziness.

 Michael experimented with both feet and with fingers.

And he couldn’t resist playing with all the buttons as well.

Ron never wants to miss out on anything the big boys are doing.

Joshua is like a sponge, taking it all in.

 Yes – he’s definitely having fun!

Thanks so much to our friends who donated the organ, and to Vicki for sharing her talents. Giving our children a life full of opportunities and experiences is really important, and we love it when people come and share their unique gifts with us. Who knows, maybe one of our little Butterfly kids will be inspired to learn piano themselves one day ….

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  1. Amanda R. on: September 24, 2013 at 11:56 am

    That’s great! So cool to get the kids exposed to music and to give them the opportunity to play.

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