30 JunLove for Linton

Earlier this month we welcomed Linton, a 10-year old boy into our care. He has a complex medical history and was extremely fragile when he arrived. His first few nights were hard; he was in a new environment, surrounded by ‘strangers’ and his world was turned upside down. Our ayis sat by his bed, night after night, singing to him and letting him know they were there for him.

After those first few ‘hard’ days and with a lot of encouragement from his ayis, we started to see smiles and hear laughter. Now, there is no stopping him! In just a few weeks, Linton has made incredible progress and we are so proud of him.

His favourite time of the day is mealtimes – quite incredible for a little boy who had trouble eating just a few short weeks ago! Although he needs assistance with feeding, he is a very independent little boy. He insists on holding his own tissues to wipe his face after he has finished.

As we get to know Linton, we are learning lots about his likes and dislikes. He loves story time, but only when he is holding the book! He loves looking at the pictures and turning the pages himself.

Next steps for Linton…

Over the next few weeks, Linton will have more medical investigations so we can learn more about his condition and the specific care that he will need. Until then our priorities are building trusting relationships with his ayis, letting him know how loved he is and making sure he feels safe and comfortable in his new home.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Although the Butterfly Home is a happy place, full of love and laughter, it can be scary for children when they first arrive. Everything is new to them – new faces, new surroundings and nothing looks familiar.

Thankfully, Linton is settling in well so far, but he has a long road ahead of him; one we are privileged to walk with him on. If you would like to partner with us to care for more children like Linton, contact info@butterflyhospice.org to find out more.


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