20 OctMore Butterfly News

Life is never dull in the Butterfly Home and the children keep the staff on their toes at all times! No two days are ever the same and we never know what will happen next.

Our ayis are still heartbroken having said goodbye to our precious Julie earlier in the week, but amongst the sadness they have opened their hearts to more children.

We have welcomed Rain into our home this week. This week also coincided with her 12th birthday, and her ayis held a small birthday party for her. We did not want to celebrate in full ‘BUTTERFLY BONANZA BIRTHDAY’ style as Rain is very frightened and gets overwhelmed easily. She has a complex medical history and as she settles in, she will have some medical investigations.

There will be plenty of time for big celebrations in the coming months as Christmas is just around the corner. If you would like to send a gift to one of our ayis or children for the festive season you can check out our wishlist here or contact katie@butterflyhospice.org for more information.

We also celebrated for Yonas as he graduated from our care as he no longer needs ‘palliative care’. He moved with Linton to the rehabilitation centre within the orphanage. Here, he will get the intensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation care that he needs. We cannot believe the change in him since he first arrived and we are delighted with the progress that he has made so far.

Adoption Updates…

Ronan and Hailey continue to wait for their forever families to find them. If you think they could be the missing piece to your family, contact superkids@gladney.org to learn more.


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