14 SepNews update on Noah

Noah recently turned six years old. He has been in our home now for over five years. We cannot believe how fast time flies and how much Noah has been through in his short life. He is quite the traveller with numerous trips made to Shanghai for medical check ups and surgeries, on countless trains, buses and cars with his loving ayis.

Thankfully, his health condition is quite stable at present and he continues to make good progress. He has a great appetite and each month he continues to grow taller.

Noah reaches his milestones in his own time and does things in his own ways. Although Noah cannot form words yet, he uses babbles and noises to let his ayis know his wants and needs. He loves listening to music and dances along with his hands when he hears his favorite songs. At bedtime, he always needs his music box close by with soothing lullabies playing throughout the night.

He is a sociable little boy who loves to be around the other children and at the centre of all activities. His recent achievements include rolling from one side of the mat to the other, particularly if there is something happening on the other side that he wants to be involved in and holding his head up high when he is on his tummy.

Unlike most of the other children, Noah loves the rain! He does not like the warm, sunny days but prefers going outdoors in his wheelchair and ‘dancing in the rain’ with his music box attached to his chair.

‘Noah’s Joy’

Noah sleeps in a crib called ‘Joy’, which matches his personality perfectly. He brings joy to each and every person in our home. He is a very loved little boy and we hope he has a bright future. We hope his future will involve a forever family of his own. His adoption file has not been prepared yet, but if there is a family out there who may be interested in bringing Noah home, please contact us for more information


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One comment

  1. Joy Black on: September 15, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Thank you all involved with Noah’s days and nights.
    I enjoy hearing about him and his activities and because of all his beautiful carers he is enjoying
    so many activities.
    Bless each and everyone in Noah’s life.

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