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We experience miracles all year round in our Butterfly Home

Our children usually come to us frail, weak and desperately in need of love, care and specialist medical attention for their complex health needs. They are nurtured and loved and become a very important part of our wonderful Butterfly family.
Sadly, some have short and fragile lives despite everyone’s very best efforts.  We never stop trying to ensure that no matter how brief their life on earth, they are as comfortable and happy as possible.  Some children go on to thrive and it is such a thrill to see a child restored to health and living happily with a family of their very own.
None of this would be possible without your help.
Tom’s Story
We first met Tom in August 2017, when he was a tiny 9 month old baby who was suffering with numerous health complications and was rapidly deteriorating.
When he first arrived, he was scared and his face was filled with fear and agitation. With specialist care and close observation from our nursing team and ayis, he began to grow stronger, his health improved and his fear and pain were replaced with smiles and laughter.
One year on and we are delighted to see what a lively and happy boy Tom has become! His favourite thing to do is play – he loves toys, brightly coloured blocks and cars. He can now stand up on his feet and walk with the help of his ayi and has recently grown his first teeth.
We think he may become a skilled musician one day, as he loves making the ayis and other children laugh with trumpet-like sounds made from his high-pitched voice! He has progressed in leaps and bounds and we really can’t wait to watch little Tom grow even stronger and healthier.
Our wish this Christmas is that one day, we hope he will be able to find his very own forever family to share all these special moments and milestones with.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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2 comment

  1. Noah on: December 22, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    God bless Tom and the Butterfly Home staff!

  2. Joy Black on: December 22, 2018 at 10:43 pm

    Many a tear falls as I read about these precious babies and with your love and care my tears become tears of joy. My heart fills with love for them and for the staff that give so much of themselves.

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