22 SepOur girls are graduating.

We have known for a long time that Patience and Annie don’t really belong here anymore. That doesn’t sound quite right, does it? There is no doubt that they will always belong in the sense that they will always be treasured members of our Butterfly family. It’s just that they don’t belong in medical terms. We are geared to provide palliative care, and both Annie and Patience no longer need that service. They arrived here with such a fragile hold on life, but now they are grasping every day with strength and tenacity. Of course, each girl has challenges relating to her disability, and because of this we are incredibly thankful that they have been welcomed into the care of ICC (International China Concern). This very cool organization works hard to ensure that disabled orphans receive the support and opportunities they need to live a fulfilling life.   Check them out here: http://www.chinaconcern.org/

This week we have been taking time to recall their huge achievements in their time with us. Patience has been here since June 2010, and Annie since August 2010. Here are some before and after shots to show just how far these miracle girls have come.

And of course we celebrated with them, rejoicing in their lives and sharing with them our hopes and dreams for their futures. A blessing written by Lyn was read over each girl in English and in Mandarin. Banners were made, party food eaten, lots of memories revisited and countless hugs were given.

Annie really liked the banner made in the girls’ honour. She knew they were the stars of this party.

Patience was particularly pleased to find Oreo cookies on the menu. It was actually difficult to get a photo of her without the cookie. She was making sure she got maximum enjoyment from it!

Emma – growing up more and more each day. Sweet girl.

As always in this place, it was a day of polar emotions – sorrow mixed with joy. We are so thrilled that they no longer need us. It’s so wonderful when the best place for a beloved child is no longer a palliative unit. We are excited that the focus for our girls is now rehabilitation, therapy, and  skill building. The plan for their future is a plan for LIFE!

But honestly – we will miss them so much! Annie’s smile makes it worth getting up, even on the bleakest morning. Patience has an energy and determination which is inspirational. It’s hard to say goodbye to such treasures, even when it’s best for them. Thankfully Lighthouse, where the girls will live is not too far away. Our ayis and nurses will be able to visit – to set their hearts at ease, and to help the girls settle. And how wonderful that they will have each other – two sisters, holding each other’s hands as they step into a new chapter. No longer palliative, but always much loved Butterflies.

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  1. Drew Rach Titus Jonathon & Mike on: September 26, 2013 at 5:44 am

    I didn’t know that this was in the works — a good step for Annie and Patience! I’ve been to Lighthouse and know some kind folks who work there; I think Annie and Patience will fit right in and find many opportunities to learn and grow.
    Also, I was thinking about how smart Annie is, and how having experienced many other send-off parties, she was likely anticipating her own and gleeful when she was finally the guest of honor at her very own farewell party.

  2. Miranda Tubbs on: February 21, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    I was extremely excited to find this blog! We just received our PA and are in process to adopt miss Annie!

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