16 NovPalliative Care Conference in Changsha


Hosted by Butterfly Children’s Hospices                                                                                       主办方:蝴蝶之家儿童临终护理中心

Sponsored by:  The Lipoid Foundation 赞助方:Lipoid 基金会

Children’s Palliative Care in China



Place: Changsha, Hunan Provincial Library 地点:长沙市湖南省图书馆

 Date: Saturday 12th December 0930 to 1630 and Sunday 13th December 0900 to 1300 时间:12月12日周六9:30至16:30 和 12月13日周日9:00至13:00
This is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in developing palliative care services for children with life limiting or life threatening illness to :


  • learn about different models of delivering palliative care for children and support for families with dying children. 学习如何为儿童提供临终关怀服务的各种方式和如何帮助支持临终儿童家庭。
  • explore the issues around for caring for children with life limiting conditions. 探讨如何对重症儿童进行临终关怀的相关问题。
  • meet with others who have an interest in palliative care for children 能够认识更多关注儿童临终护理的人士,博采众长。
  • discuss challenges facing us when trying to develop this kind of care 讨论开展从事这种特殊的儿童临终护理服务所要面临的各种困难。
  • promote the concept of a holistic approach to end of life care for children 倡导为重症儿童提供全面的临终关怀服务的理念。
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Cost: Free to attend. 参会费用:免费参与

Conference language will be Mandarin Chinese                                    研讨会主要使用普通话

Speakers include professionals working in the field of children’s palliative care in Hong Kong and Mainland China 讲座嘉宾来自中国大陆和香港从事儿童临终关怀护理方面的专业人士

Applications to the conference can be made from our website 请在我们官网完成申请表格的填写

Queries to our contact: 会议联系人:Naomi Fu (蝴蝶之家) 邮箱:1870378933@qq.com

Please forward this invitation to anyone else who might be interested in attending  请将此邀请转发给任何可能有意莅临的朋友


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