21 JulPrecious Yonas

Yonas celebrates his 13th birthday this month and we now officially have two teenagers in our care! We cannot believe how fast Yonas and Snowy are growing. This is the first birthday we get to spend with Yonas, so we are celebrating all month long. We have no idea how he celebrated his first twelve birthdays but hope some of them were with his ‘first’ family.

Yonas has only been with us since April, but in just a few months we have seen him come alive. He smiles and giggles when he is happy, but will give out when something it wrong! Yonas has numerous health complications but we are starting to see his health stabilise. He will continue to have more investigations this Summer to create a long term plan of care for him.

Yonas loves looking out the window, watching the world go by. He usually falls asleep there in the afternoon sunshine. Each day we are seeing a little more of his personality emerge and getting to know his likes and dislikes. Yonas does not like loud noises or busy places. He prefers to go to the playground in the early mornings or late afternoons, when there are less people around. Music time is his favourite part of the day and he loves to shake his rattles in our ‘Butterfly band’.

We celebrate with Yonas for all he has achieved to get to this point but our hearts ache as it means he only has one year left before he “ages out” and loses the chance of having a forever family. Although Yonas has complex needs, we do believe his family is out there. His adoption file is not started but if there is a family who thinks Yonas may be their son please reach out to us.

We believe all children should have the opportunity to have a forever family and we know he would thrive with one, considering the incredible progress he has made in just a few short months. No matter what happens, we will be by Yonas’s side and walk with him on his life journey.


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