12 AugPrincess girls

Between Finlay’s adoption and Derek’s surgery, it seems to have been all about the boys on our blog lately. But don’t worry, our lovely girls are not forgotten. Just this week, a wonderful parcel of beautifully made dresses and hair bows arrived. It was such fun to unpack these pretty things, and work out who would fit into which dress. Our little girls are just like little girls all over the world – they love to dress up and feel magical. Annie is our oldest princess, so she especially enjoyed her pretty new outfit.

And even Miss Emma seems to know that she looks very cute in her new frock!

It’s such a gift for our children to have beautiful things. It not only makes our kids feel wonderful, but it sends out a powerful message. Lots of our children have severe disabilities or limited life spans. They might never achieve in the ways which seem to be valued in today’s world. For some, it’s unlikely they will be heads of companies or sporting heroes. Others might need a lot of help to get by each day, and will always take life at a slower pace than the people around them. And many of our children will have such brief lives that they will never even leave our little Home. Yet their lives are infinitely precious. The influence they have is immense – everyone who works here is changed by the children. Every person who visits is profoundly moved.

Sadly, there are those who think new and pretty things are wasted on children who will soon die, or are severely disabled. That’s so sad and hard to comprehend. But we do believe we are seeing this attitude change. It helps create change when kind people send our children beautiful clothes, or handsew colourful quilts, or carefully chose just the right toy for a special child.These gestures shout out to the world that all kids MATTER. Their value isn’t measured by political polls, or dollar signs, or media coverage. They matter because they are unique, precious, irreplaceable people. We treasure these kids, and each time a package arrives, it shows that others treasure them too. There is a ripple effect from that which cannot be under-estimated. We have seen it spread so much already. Honouring a child helps others begin to see their worth.

So thank you to everyone who has helped make our girls feel like princesses and our boys feel like princes. The smiles on the kids’ faces are amazing. And the ripple effect of your love is priceless.

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  1. Cas on: August 16, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Beautiful girls in beautiful dresses x

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