15 JulRonan is ready for a family.

Ronan is our youngest Butterfly in the home at present. He will turn two in September and has been with us since he was only a few months old. You can read about his early days with us in older blog posts here.

When he arrived he was extremely malnourished and could not take his milk orally, needing a feeding tube to get his nutrients.

Now, he enjoys mealtimes and is thriving. He is a boy who knows exactly what he wants and is not afraid to let his ayis know if he doesn’t like a particular food or texture. He cannot form words yet but is making plenty of sounds.

Each day, we are blessed to see a little more of his personality emerge. He loves being the centre of attention and will cry if his ayi is too far away, indicating he wants to be picked up! His ayis are more then happy to oblige and he spends most of the day cuddled in someone’s arms.

Ronan is not crawling yet, but he attends regular physiotherapy sessions to improve his muscle strength and coordination. However, if Ronan does not want to do his exercises, he will kick his legs and scream until his ayis pick him up, with his ayis then not continuing with his activity. This is something we are working on with him, as his ayis know he needs to do his exercises to improve his tone so we are working on rewarding his efforts with his favourite music and songs. He is a clever boy and has everyone wrapped around his little finger!

Ronan loves all types of music and will not go asleep without listening to his favourite lullabies.

Next steps for Ronan…

His adoption file is prepared and he is waiting for his forever family to find him. Although he is developmentally delayed, he continues to make good progress and we feel he would thrive with a forever family. Contact superkids@gladney.org directly for more information or to review his file. What a special present a forever family would be for his second birthday.


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