22 JunA story we couldn’t have written

Once upon a time there was a little boy. He had lost much and suffered much, but he was wise beyond his years.

Michael (2)

This little boy had a hard beginning. His body was broken and his spirit very nearly was too. His pathway brought him to Butterfly Home, where he began to heal.


He quickly won the hearts of everyone around him.


Later, another little boy joined him. This one was just a tiny baby, but he too had already learnt about loss. He was a fighter, and he seemed to know that he had a future worth fighting for.


He grew strong and chubby, with a winning smile and mischief sparkling in his eyes.


A little Prince Charming who could light up a room with his grin.


Together the boys faced some tough times, with the big boy appointing himself as the little boy’s protector. They travelled far from their home for surgery, and encouraged each other in recovery.

photo 1

They had fun together too – tumbling and playing and laughing as brothers do. They became brothers in their hearts, even though on paper they were just boys – sharing a moment in time together before another goodbye.


Eventually  that goodbye came. A wonderful family came for the big boy. He was full of courage as he met them and travelled over the ocean to begin a new life. The big boy was  now a precious son, beloved and secure.


Though he still carried loss in his heart, the weight was now shared. His family walked beside him, and together they planned a beautiful future.

Michael and his family

Meanwhile, the little boy waited. He moved to a foster home where kind people became his cheerleaders. They waited with him, hoping than one day, he too would be somebody’s son.

Rob1 (3)

This week, that dream finally came true. Into the little boy’s life came his new Mama, his new Baba, and his very familiar and much loved Gege (big brother). That’s right – Michael’s family arrived from America to adopt Robert. Now these two precious boys have become brothers for real!


Honestly – we could not have written this story if we had tried. It’s too wonderful, too surprising and too perfect. We are just witnesses to this,  humbled and thankful.


Go well sweet boys, and live amazing lives. We love you both.


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2 comment

  1. Patrick Beasley on: February 20, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    This is a quite remarkable story that characterises the work that BCH takes on and the enduring outcomes that can be achieved.

    So well illustrated by photos to show the changes with time.

  2. Sandra Whittenberg (Stephanie Withrow's mother) on: February 20, 2019 at 3:09 pm


    Such a beautiful story. I am sitting here crying while reading it!!!!! We have 3 wonderful
    grandchildren from China, and I thank God every day for them! You all do amazing things for the children, with God’s help!

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