13 JunSummertime sunshine!

Some of you may know, the weather in ChangSha goes from two extremes! ChangSha experiences freezing cold Winters, where the Butterflies spend their days wrapped up in many layers, getting plenty of snuggles whilst waiting for the brighter days of Spring and Summer to arrive.


As soon as Spring hits and the weather starts to warm, it very quickly enters ‘Summer’, which brings with it extremely hot, sticky, humid weather! Unusually at the moment, the weather is milder than we are used to and the children are able to get out and enjoy the local park and playground during the daytime. Each of our children have unique personalities and enjoy different things. Read on to find out what some of their favourite things to do are…

Jonah’s favourite thing to do is have his ayis push him around outside in the playground so he can watch everything going on around him. He giggles and laughs when he likes watching something and will let his ayis know pretty quickly if he is unhappy and wants to get out of his chair for a cuddle!


Karis is loving life with her new wheels. Her posture is improving and she is now able to get involved in all of the activities with the other children. She is full of smiles when she is outdoors and doesn’t like when they have to go back inside. All of these new adventures are now possible because of the generosity of those donors who bought her chair.


We are really excited (and thankful) because those same donors have also paid for Reuben to get his own wheelchair. In the next few weeks we are hoping this will arrive. For the time being he is borrowing another pushchair, until his custom-made wheels arrive. He loves to be outdoors and is quite happy to just sit beside his ayis in the playground, feeling the sunshine on his face.


For John, being outside is about being free. Having the freedom to run around wherever he wants, with no restrictions and no boundaries. He loves to explore and enjoys all the different textures of nature around him, all under the watchful eyes of his ayis. He loves to roll around on the grass or chase his ayi up the hills. We are still looking for his forever family who will bring him eternal freedom. Could this be you? Contact superkids@gladney.org for more information.


Noah has always loved exploring the outdoors. His new favourite things to do is pick flowers and rub them against his face to feel the petals against his face.


We are so thankful for these precious moments and the generosity of supporters to help simple activities, like going outside, easier for our Butterflies. Contact us at info@butterflyhospice.org, if you would like to contribute to a new set of wheels for another one of our children.

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