16 AugThe Tales of Terrific Tom

Tom has been with us for two years now and will be turning three this November. When he arrived he was extremely fragile and malnourished.

We are happy to report that he has nearly tripled his body weight during his time with us. His favourite meal is a rice and vegetable special which the chef ayi makes for him.

Tom can follow instructions from his ayis and understands what they are asking him to do, for example ‘pass me the toy’. He is currently perfecting his fine motor skills. Tom goes to daily physiotherapy classes where he completes standing and walking exercises. He cannot walk independently yet as he does not have the muscle strength in his lower legs. Although this does not slow him down, he is a determined boy and finds other ways to reach his goals.

Recently we have started to see Tom’s communication skills improve. He is making lots of sounds and starting to copy words, although his pronunciation needs some work. It can be confusing for the children to be exposed to both the Chinese and English language, when they are first learning to talk. He knew Elora’s name and would often shout it, so his best friend would come running over. We know he will miss her now that she is with her forever family.

His latest achievement is being able to blow kisses and he shows this off at every opportunity he gets. Whenever someone knew comes through the door he blows kisses at them to get their attention.

Tom’s favourite activity is being in the playground on the slide. He waits until everyone is watching him, he will clap his hands and then slide down. When he reaches the bottom he will explode into a fit of giggles.

Looking forward…

His crib name is ‘Blessed’, which is very appropriate as we are blessed to walk alongside Tom on this journey. He is loved by everyone in the home and we hope he has a bright future including a forever family of his own. His adoption file has not been prepared yet, but if there is a family out there who may be interested in bringing Tom home, please contact katie@butterflyhospice.org for more information.


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