29 OctThank you for smashing our matching grant goal!!!

We just want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those who have donated in the past 24 hours. In just over 24 hours we have reached our matching grant target of $5,000!!!!!

This is incredible and we are blown away by the generous support of so many of you. This means that we have covered the cost of salaries of our 22 amazing ayis for one WHOLE month! We cannot tell you how much this means for our children and ayis.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has donated so far and a HUGE thank you to our wonderful supporter who offered to match these $5K worth of donations.

We are one step closer to keeping our family together this holiday season, but we still need your support. Every dollar counts and we are so grateful for every donation we receive.

We are so thankful for the miracle that we see unfolding before us, enabling us to be one step closer to achieving our goal of keeping our Butterflies and loving ayis together.

Please continue to spread the word and donate here to make a real difference this holiday season.

Thank you!


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