1 AprThankful.

This is a post full of thankfulness! Firstly, we are thankful for our friend Dr Caroline, who has come back to share her expertise and her compassion with us all.  We love it when our volunteers return – it’s such fun to grow friendships this way. Dr Caroline has been enjoying her time with us, supporting Dr Mary, connecting with the new children, and catching up with the beloved faces she knows from her previous visits.

One of the highlights of her trip was time spent with these precious girls – Patience and Annie. You might remember that they moved into the care of ICC (International China Concern). www.chinaconcern.org   ICC are our neighbours and great friends here. They provide hope and opportunity for disabled orphans. Sometimes our Butterfly Home children become healthy and are no longer in need of intense medical care – but often they are still facing life with a serious disability. We are thankful for the open arms at ICC – our kids are nurtured and educated here. They are gently encouraged to reach their full potential and become as independent as possible.And, most wonderfully of all, they are loved. So much to be thankful for.

And of course, we are always incredibly  thankful for these two beautiful children. They are such miracles –  alive and beloved against the odds. Patience and Annie – we love you both!


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  1. Lana on: April 3, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Big kids now <3

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