26 JunThe Dream Team…

One of the most important parts of what we do is having the right team of people working for Butterfly Children’s Hospices, both in the home and as part of the wider international team. This team is comprised of paid staff and dedicated volunteers across the world.

Team News

Recently we have welcomed some new members into our team.

Luna is a new early education teacher who joined our Butterfly Home team this Spring. The children love their education sessions with her and we are seeing a positive impact on their development.

We were also very grateful to receive a week-long pro-bono training for Luna by a visiting special education expert from Hong Kong.

Tina is our new ‘Project Officer’ in the Butterfly Home. She has an exciting role involving fundraising, publicity and service developments. She also ensures that each day she has time set aside to read to the children or participate in the children’s activities.

Join our team…

Wondering how you can get involved and be a part of our ‘Dream Team’?

We are looking for fantastic people to join our Board of Trustees. We are looking for trustees with good understanding and/or connections in the following areas:
– Publicity, media and marketing
– Connections to patrons, HNW donors, philanthropists, trust bodies etc
– Legal issues, possibly including intellectual property law
– A general wish to support our charity
– Experience of NGOs work in China.

To find out more, click here or contact info@butterflyhospice.org for more information. 

Getting to Know You…

We currently have 21 children under our care. Six of these are gorgeous girls and the other fifteen are beautiful boys – the girls are definitely outnumbered!

Over the Summer we are running a new ‘Getting to Know You’ feature where we will introduce each of these Butterflies on the blog and let you get to know them a little bit more.

Each child is treasured and our home would not be the same without them.


Butterfly Children’s Hospices wouldn’t be able to do the work it does without your support. Please consider donating to help this invaluable cause to continue changing lives.

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