22 OctThe most magical fairytale of them all

For those who have followed our children’s stories over the last number of years, you will remember these two gorgeous boys; Michael and Robert and the perfect fairytale ending these two had when they were reunited as brothers. You can read about it in a previous post here if you need a little reminder!

Little did they know at the time, but their fairytale was not complete without the addition of an energetic, beautiful little sister! During the Summer, their parents travelled back to the Butterfly Home to bring home their little sister, Elora!

Here, their mama shares an update about how these three Butterfly graduates are doing and what life is like in a very busy house!

“Elora is a beautiful and happy little girl, always smiling and saying hello to everyone she meets. She is outgoing, sweet, smart, and likes to take the initiative to do things for herself. She is also spunky and rambunctious, especially when playing with her older brothers, Michael and Robert. Her brothers love and adore her and it’s great to see the three of them play so well together.”

“Elora wants to do everything her brothers do, and she often imitates them and follows their lead. During the day, while her brothers are in school, Elora and I spend our days playing at playgrounds, going to library classes and children’s museums, doing arts & crafts and play-doh.”

“She plays well with other children and isn’t shy when meeting new friends. Elora loves nursery rhyme songs and she has already memorized several songs in English. Elora is most excited when it’s time to pick up Michael and Robert from school. We walk to the bus stop, and she gets so excited seeing her brothers get off the school bus each day. They give each other hugs and it really is a special moment that melts my heart.”

“Elora is meeting with doctors to address her medical issues, but she continues to thrive and she’s developing well. She’s been a part of our family for only several months but it’s now hard to imagine our lives without Elora. We know Elora was loved by everyone at the Butterfly Home and by so many people all over the world who followed her story. She really is a special girl and such a blessing to our family. We truly love our beautiful daughter and we are honored to have her be a part of our family. And our family is so grateful to everyone for their love and support.”

We are extremely grateful to the Butterfly families for sharing their stories and progress with us. We are delighted to see Elora, home with her family and to see the incredible progress she has made so far. We wish them all the best as a family of 5 and cannot wait to see what their future holds.


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