22 AugThe weeks are passing…

The last few weeks have passed by in a blur. The home is in a somewhat of a ‘regular’ routine, there are no visitors, hospital appointments or adventures out for the children. The same core staff are holding everything together and we admire them so much. Behind the beaming smiles of the ayis are feelings of heartache and tiredness, they are missing their families, but continue to give their everything to the children. We know it is hard for them, the long days drawing on and on, with no end in sight.


It is hard for the ayis watching Austin deteriorate. His eyes hold so much love and strength in his stunning gaze. He has been suffering more seizures and it has been taking a toll on his little body, but he still shows his fighting spirit. He is comfortable, and his care is being managed effectively by the doctors in the orphanage. We are uncertain about what his future holds, but his ayis will continue to care for him tenderly day after day, and he knows he is loved.


Since this lockdown began the nurses have been taking the extra indoor time to write more to the children. This is a beautiful letter written to Jesse by one of the staff:

“Dear Jesse,

Although you rarely talk to us, or even make a sound, I know that you love us and this place. Silent like air, but everywhere, this is how you love us.

Grow up quietly in your own special way and keep on enjoying and exploring your own small world. We will be beside you every step of the way.”
Jesse is our dreamer and in his dreams his world is full of colour. In his dreams he can be the knight in shining armour and he can do anything he wants to do. Never underestimate the power of dreams!
We do not know what his future holds, but we cherish every sweet minute we have with him.
Please keep our children and staff in your thoughts as we continue to navigate through these challenging times in lockdown.

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  1. Joy on: August 24, 2020 at 12:58 am

    Dear Heavenly Father, lay your healing hands on these precious children and on the staff and carers that look after them with so much love and compassion. Give them all the strength they need to continue such important work.

    Much love to all at Butterfly House

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