22 DecTime to reflect…

This festive season we are taking time to reflect on precious memories and milestones. Some of our greatest “moments” focus around our graduate children; those who have beaten all the odds, defied all medical expectations and shown us that the impossible is possible.

“Eve” was our first Butterfly to be admitted to our home, back when the ChangSha Butterfly Home first opened and we had no idea what her future would hold.

But for Eve, now Milou, family has changed everything.

In a recent conversation with her mama, we have learnt that Milou is thriving. “She is a lovely girl who likes horse riding. She is a happy girl, sweet and adores her brothers. And they love her. It is almost her birthday, so she is very busy with planning her party now.”

We could never have imagined that this sweet baby would one day be horse riding and planning her own birthday party surrounded by a loving family.

Another story of hope, comes from our first Butterfly adopted from Nanjing, our sweet “Rose”, now Ava Hope. She too, would not have survived and be thriving without her forever family. She was born with complex medical conditions and had her first surgeries in China.

Ava Hope now has access to the best medical care with an incredible family by her side. This is what her mama had to say earlier this month; “Ava Hope continues to thrive in our family. She is so incredibly smart and is currently working on letter sounds and writing numbers. She will start kindergarten next year and we have no doubt that she will shine! Ava is truly such a joy. She is sassy in all of the best ways and such a sweetheart. She loves her mama the most, of course.

This past year was difficult medically, as Ava had multiple lengthy hospital admissions, infections, and surgeries. She has been through so much in her life, but she is so incredibly strong and brave. We are so grateful for the love and hope that was poured into our precious girl at Butterfly!”

We are thankful to have been a part of their stories and appreciate the continued connections with their parents.

With a new year brings new hope for more of our children and hopefully forever families for some of them too.

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