23 MarTraining with Little Feather

Little Feather Foundation were established to develop the palliative and hospice care initiative for infants and young children living with terminal illness in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.  We have been supporting their work for the past year, and recently we were privileged to host a group at Butterfly Home. The group of Australian and Vietnamese nurses joined us for a one week training program co-ordinated by our fabulous head nurse Katie. The week began with a fascinating and inspiring talk by Lyn Gould, our CEO, about the nature of palliative care, and the service we provide at Butterfly Home.  As the week progressed, Katie supervised a range of practical sessions including naso-gastric feeding and new baby assessments.

Training week - Aurora

Katie also conducted informal lectures on pain assessment and control, followed by discussions on managing various symptoms. Respiratory symptom management was highlighted as an area of importance for the visiting team, so this topic was tackled in depth.

Training week - group


Training week - nurses

Our guests also spent loads of time interacting with our Butterfly family. They were inspired by the way our nurses and ayis work together to keep the children comfortable and give them dignity, even at the end of their lives or through medically challenging times.


This is what Little Feather shared about the week: “Most importantly, we were encouraged. We were encouraged to never give up on hope and joy. Often we see children who face incredibly challenging situations and have such fragile lives. But, we will keep hoping for these children – hoping not only for a better future but a better present. Our hope will drive us to action to do everything we can to make each moment count for the precious children that we are privileged to know. Sometimes children pull through these difficult times, other times they don’t. But we will stand by them through whatever they are going through, and hope to bring comfort, dignity and joy to them.”  Hoping not only for a better future – but for a better present – that’s so inspiring!

 Training week - Charles

Thank you Lyn and Katie, for bringing this week together and for your willingness to share knowledge. We also want to thank Little Feather for making the journey, and for sharing our passion to bring hope and joy to all children. It was fabulous to trade experiences and learn from each other. Even though we work in different countries with different logistical challenges, it’s so energising to spend time with others working towards the same purpose. We are all here to make life better for  children with uncertain futures, no matter where those children live.

Traning week- Olivia


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