22 JanTransformation Tuesday (Part Two)

Today, we want to share another three precious transformation stories from some our Butterfly graduates across the World;


We cannot believe the brave, adventurous boy Joshua has become. It’s hard to believe this is the same fragile little boy we once knew! Here is what his mama had to say recently “Joshua is now 8 years old. He enjoys doing all the things boys love to do and stays very active every day. He loves riding his dirt bike and bicycle, and playing basketball. He is very independent and insists on doing everything by himself! His favorite subject is reading and he is very smart. Joshua makes friends easily and has a great sense of humor. He is always ready with a hug for this family and friends. We are continually grateful for the loving care the Butterfly Home has given Joshua. It helped establish a wonderful foundation as he transitioned into our family!” We cannot wait to see what future adventures await him!

Lucas (Paul)

Lucas has been home with his forever family since 2012. The time has flown by and he has grown up fast. This update came in recently from his mama after a very busy year for them moving house: “Lucas is doing great! He is already eight years old, and he is a fantastic soccerplayer. He has lots of friends, does well in school and still has tons of energy and humor!”

Oliver (Jack)

When 12 day old Jack arrived into our home all those years ago, we had no idea what his future would hold. Throughout his early years, he showed nothing but bravery and courage. We are delighted to share that he is thriving with his forever family. Here is what his mama had to say: “Oliver is growing up by leaps and bounds. It’s easy since he eats anything and has been in good health! In August, he started Spanish-immersion kindergarten. He says he loves school because he loves to learn. Oliver is so determined! He loves math and declared he was going to learn his multiplication tables. He did, including the other things he had to learn on the way. All the math skills enhance one of his other favorite hobbies – card playing. Thank you for your support for our energetic and loving son!”

We hope 2019 will see more children home forever and we cannot wait to share their transformation journeys.



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  1. mòshù on: January 23, 2019 at 5:33 am

    such a good evolution is only possible xith a good basic

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