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Our amazing head Nurse Katie has been running a fun segment on Facebook – Where are they Wednesday? She’s sharing updates on our Butterfly alumni, and we wanted to make sure our blog readers didn’t miss all the joy. So here is a summary of Katie’s recent Wednesday posts from Facebook. Many of the children who have been adopted have new names now, but we’ve continued to use their Butterfly names for privacy reasons.

Angel and Jonathon: Angel and Jonathon are siblings in the States. They love life in their adoring busy family of seven. Angel is a spunky little seven year old who loves music, drawing,  reading, dancing and gymnastics. Jonathon is also seven. He loves games and puzzles, jumping on the trampoline, singing silly songs with his sisters and swimming. Their Mom can’t imagine life without them!


Joshua: Joshua has been home with his family for three years now. He is still full of energy and spunk, with that contagious zest for life we all remember. He is great buddies with his big brother, loves playing basketball, and is rapidly becoming a talented dirt-bike rider. He has no fear, and is a natural sportsman.



Jack: Jack has lived in the States with his family for around ten months. He’s settling in very well. He is active, curious and very affectionate. He likes to keep up with his siblings, so he is very excited to be starting preschool. He especially likes construction toys, and has already learned the alphabet.



Finlay: Finlay has a cheeky, funny personality. He lives in New York with his parents, where he is doing well at school. He likes to socialize and has lots of friends. Finlay enjoys soccer, chess, gardening, yoga and swimming. On the weekends,  he is taking Mandarin classes. He’s a busy, happy and much loved little boy.



Paul: Paul is six years old and lives in Europe with his parents and brother. He loves to play soccer, and hang out with friends. His favourite activity is LEGO – he’s very creative and clever, so he makes some amazing constructions! He is happy and healthy, with his parents describing him as a light in their lives.



Eve: Eve was our first Butterfly – she was adopted at 18 months of age, and is now seven years old. Eve lives in Europe, and loves dancing , performing on stage and having fun with her friends and two brothers. She’s doing well at school, and would like to come back and visit China one day soon. Eve has had several surgeries since coming home, but has no more operations in the near future.



Hannah: Hannah is also doing fabulously. She is a second grader, but reading at sixth grade level. She has a ready smile, a great sense of fun and a loving spirit. Hannah is learning Taekwondo and is already half way to her black belt. Her favourite toys are Littlest Pet Shops.


Annie: Annie has been home with her Mom for a year now. She looks so grown up with her new glasses and flash new purple wheelchair. She goes to school, where she is acing her spelling tests and making friends. She celebrated her eighth birthday at a bowling alley surrounded by people who love her – all our dreams for Annie are coming true!



Katie has more “Where are they now, Wednesday?” posts planned. If you just love seeing these former palliative care patients living life and thriving – make sure you like our Facebook page so you don’t miss out.

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  1. Cas on: August 2, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Brilliant to see how well the kids are all doing, they are all adorable but especially happy to see Annie and her lovely smile xx

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