12 DecWhere are they Wednesday?

One of our favourite features we ran this year was the “Where are they Wednesday?” stories which followed our Butterfly graduates on their journey with their forever families.

Some of these children only spent a short amount of time in our home, like baby Cherie, now Claire. But regardless of the length of time a Butterfly spends in our home, they each leave a lasting impression.

Claire came to the Butterfly Home when she was only two months old for some loving, rescue care. She was then transferred to another specialised medical home in a different city, before moving very quickly into a loving foster family. And she never had to move again…

Well, until her family moved back home with her to the U.S.A. In a recent conversation with her mama, we learnt that she continues to thrive and light up everyone’s world.

Here is a snippet of what she had to share “Claire loves her preKinder class. Science and Geography are her favorite times of the day. She is obsessed with sharing the names of the continents and oceans to anyone who will listen. Her dogs are still her best friends and she loves to care for them. Being read to and coloring are her favorite activities.”

We are so happy for Claire and thankful her wonderful family. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this bright star.

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