23 OctWorking together and moving forward

The renovations are finishing up for the Butterfly ward in the orphanage and we cannot wait to see it complete, ready to fill the cribs with Butterflies who need our support. We are in the process of recruiting ayis and will share photos soon with the developments.

In the meantime we are working closely with the orphanage caring for some fragile children who need our help.

These precious little hands belong to three week old, Bowen. We are participating in his care, working with the staff in the orphanage figuring out how best to meet his needs. He travelled to Beijing last week for medical review and possible surgery. Please keep him and his ayi in your thoughts.


Another little boy Wayne, who we were providing care for, alongside the staff in the orphanage traveled to Shanghai earlier this week for medical review and possible surgical intervention. They were met at the train station by the wonderful team in Baobei Foundation who have arranged his hospital appointments and will help Wayne and his ayi when they are in Shanghai. We are so thankful for their support and organisation, especially at very short notice. He celebrated his first birthday only a few short weeks ago and we hope this next year is going to be a better one for him than his first.



At Butterfly Children’s Hospices, we never know when a child may need transfer to hospital or travel to another city for surgery, if you would like to donate to our medical expenses fund or for the new Butterfly ward fund, please contact info@butterflyhospice.org to find out how to help.

It is starting to feel like all the pieces of the (very big!) jigsaw puzzle are coming together and we cannot wait to share the journey of these two boys, along with other children we will be caring for when the Butterfly ward opens.


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